• Founded in 1999 by Dr. Robert Sayre and James Mercer, Baby Blanket Suncare is dedicated to creating innovative and effective sunscreens specifically for babies and children. Baby Blanket was the first company to use Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide formulas for baby suncare, as well as the first to create a sunscreen made specifically for the tender and delicate skin of a baby’s scalp and face. As a division of the Children’s Healthcare Research Group, Baby Blanket is constantly researching and developing new products to stay at the forefront of the sun protection industry.

    SunBlankie Sunscreen Toweletttes SPF 45 are a hassle-free way to make sure your baby is always protected from the sun. This large and non-irritating towelette is water resistant and paba-free, and can be used for multiple applications in one day. The Sunscreen Stick provides SPF 45 protection and is fragrance and alcohol free. This handy stick makes it easy to apply anytime without the mess of traditional sunscreens.