• Burt's Bees products are made with only the purest ingredients found in nature. Formulated with essential oils and plant extracts, Burt's believes in using natural products to heal and maintain healthy skin and hair. Their labels contain a full disclosure of every ingredient, and they create formulas based on natural ingredients in their purest form. These products are never tested on animals, do not contain highly processed ingredients, and are packaged with recycled plastic or other materials. They know that what you put on your skin matters to you, and strive to make their products truly nature-based. Burt's Bees skincare is great for sensitive skin, since it's non-irritating and gentle.

    The Moisturizing Day Cream gently softens your face for a daily glow. Its lightweight formula contains glycerin, beeswax and botanical oils that provide your face with moisture to keep it healthy and hydrated.

    The Super Shiny Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Shampoo gives dull hair a burst of shine and health. Grapefruit extract and coconut gently cleanse delicate, dry hair. Soy protein helps heal damaged strands, while honey gives dry hair a hint of moisture. Citrus essential oils create a healthy glow, making your hair feel soft and look like new!