• Created by a young couple at University, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas along with a professor of Pharmacy, Professor Vercauteren, Caudalie is both a love story and a skin care story. Passionate about cosmetics and one another, Mathilde and Bertrand used the professor’s concepts of polyphenols in Grape Seeds and their free radical-fighting power to launch Caudalie Vinotherapy Skin Care.

    Caudalie products use the potent Grape Seed antioxidant. The Grape Seed OPC Molecule has been proven to be 10,000 times more powerful than Vitamin E at fighting free radical damage. Along with the Grape Seed, Caudalie uses Resveratrol and Viniferine, extracts of vine stalks, to stimulate cellular renewal, fight damage, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

    Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a refreshing mist that energizes the skin as it reduces the look of pores, smooths the skin, and adds hydration. Caudalie Lip Conditioner provides your lips with the same healing care as your skin with a subtle Vanilla flavor to boot.