• Jacques Courtin-Clarins created Clarins beauty products in 1954 out of his love for women's beauty. He opened the Institut Clarins in Paris that offered personalized skin treatments and advice. At this time, he also created 100% pure plant extract oils to be professionally applied at the institute.

    Clarins incorporated these plant extracts into all of the skin and body care formulas from the start, even before botanical ingredients were "in" in the beauty world. Clarins products contain only plant extracts that are purified and analyzed, maximizing the benefits to the user. Clarins researchers pair various plant extracts that have enhanced results when combined.

    Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel gives natural-looking, instant results in a refreshing gel formulation for the face and body. Clarins Multi Active Day Cream delivers wrinkle repair and radiance in a powerful antioxidant formula.

    Clarins is sold exclusively at our Salt Lake City retail store located at The Gateway.

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