• Highly effective, yet gentle corrective skin care products are the basis of CosMedix skin care. CosMedix products are never harsh or irritating, yet are able to clear acne, firm and smooth the skin, and reduce the look of sun damage. CosMedix is a top clinical aesthetics skin care company that specializes in corrective and preventative treatments. It was created to fill the need for clinical-grade, pure, and results-driven skin care made readily available to the consumer.

    CosMedix products are created to enhance the physiology of the skin through chirally correct ingredients. Ingredients that are chirally correct have been filtered to contain only molecules that interact positively with the skin. This makes them more concentrated and less likely to cause adverse reactions. CosMedix utilizes a holistic approach to each skin issue, from acne to hyperpigmenation and aging to rosacea. With ingredients like Spin Trap, Peptides, Tea Tree Oil, and DHEA, the skin is left comforted and protected, rather than damaged and uncomfortable.