• Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is the brainchild of Dr. Dennis Gross, who began his career researching cancer, but became fascinated by the complexity of the skin. From his research grew a desire to promote healthy skin function through gentle, effective products. Dr. Gross became dedicated to finding out what stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells and then brought those findings to his products. MD Skincare strikes the perfect balance between nature and nurture. Their products combine the benefits of natural skin solutions with the most proven ingredients to create strong, healthy, radiant skin.

    Products in the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare line are designed with a “less is more” philosophy in mind. Dr. Gross believes that minimizing the number of products used in a skin care regimen, the skin can adapt better to the products that are used and can better adapt to the environment. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare formulas contain fewer preservatives and more pure ingredients and their products have become effective alternatives to surgical skin procedures. The line contains products for all skin issues including those with dry, sensitive, mature, and sun damaged skin.