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    The NuFace series of products was created by the Carol Cole Company, which has operated since the year 2000. They offer numerous solutions to help the skin look younger and more radiant. Carol Cole, the founder of the company, has been experimenting with microcurrent technologies since 1985, finding ways to improve the way we look.

    The NuFace Trinity is a revolutionary device which gives your skin an easy treatment that helps it look younger. It works by delivering soft microcurrent, which then tones and lifts your facial muscles. The Trinity comes with interchangeable heads, meaning that it can be adapted to different spa treatments for your face.

    In order to complete your skin toning experience, you'll need NuFace Skincare Gel Primer. It works together with the Trinity device to evenly spread the microcurrent along the surface of your skin, plus helps it penetrate deep within to your face muscles. Its formula has been specifically designed to be used together with microcurrent treatments and lets you get optimal results every single time. After using it, you will notice that your skin feels much smoother. The Gel Primer is the first thing you should use when you start a microcurrent treatment.