• Founded by Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, ReVive Skincare is based on years of expertly formulated science. As you age, the speed at which your skin regenerates begins to slow down. ReVive Skincare addresses this issue by speeding up skin cell regeneration, and in turn reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin sagging, and skin discoloration. Youthful skin renews itself every 2-3 weeks, but as the skin ages this process slows down to every 8 or 9 weeks. This leaves the skin appearing wrinkled, uneven, and sagging. ReVive skin products give you the smooth, glowing complexion of your 20's.

    ReVive skin care products use an epidermal growth factor protein molecule made up of amino acids. This natural molecule is released in the body when an injury occurs. When applied to the skin, it reduces the signs of aging. ReVive skin care treatments also use an Insulin-like growth factor that improves collagen, a Keratinocyte growth factor that increases facial volume, and an MPI that inhibits the loss of elasticity and collagen levels.

    Please Note: ReVive is excluded from discounts.